Boho Wedding Guest Dresses Your Wardrobe Needs

10th Feb 2020

Wedding ceremony in front of a pool with balloons

Many brides and bridesmaids have just one day to wear their dresses, unless they choose more casual styles. However, as a guest, you get to celebrate with everyone at the wedding reception in a beautiful and versatile boho wedding guest dress that you can wear again and again. If you choose the right cut and design, you could be wearing that dress on your next beach vacation, to a baby shower, to date night, or another special occasion. Any outfit that makes you feel that fabulous is a worthy addition to your wardrobe!

Here are some features to look for as you shop cute wedding guest dresses this season. 


Short & Midi-Length Dresses

Woman in daylight city scene wearing a short boho wedding guest dress

Beach House Tassel Embroidered Dress - Off White ($44) 

If you’re attending a  summertime wedding outdoors, a short or midi-length dress is a good idea. Depending on where the wedding is located, summer can get sweltering. The happy couple may have planned on early or late summer for cooler, more comfortable temps, but mother nature can be a cruel mistress on that one special day that was planned a year ahead of time. A short, boho wedding guest dress will leave you with the option to throw on a cardigan if it gets chilly during the ceremony. Then, take off the extra layers during the reception.

Maxi Dresses

Woman standing on city sidewalk in the daytime wearing a maxi boho wedding guest dress

Free People Give a Little Ivory Maxi ($128)

With fabric that flows down to your ankles, trendy wedding guest dresses in a maxi cut are very classy and appropriate for keeping just a touch of modesty in your look.  Maxi dresses make you feel like you can attend an upper-class ball or cocktail party in style. A loose and flowy maxi dress can also look dazzling as you spin on the dance floor all night long.

High-Low Dresses

sage printed high-low dress

Short-Sleeve Sage Printed High-Low Dress ($44)

Dresses that are short in the front and cascade in the back are an easy way to get that classy look but combine it with a bit of sexy intrigue by showing off some leg. This type of trendy boho wedding guest dress also has a great effect when dancing and won’t restrict your fancy footwork! Anything from strapless to long-sleeved works perfectly with this length dress, so you can enjoy this style any time of year.


halter coral maxi romper

True Love Halter Lace Coral Romper Maxi ($54)

While they may not technically be dresses,  rompers are a hot fashion this year that combines cute, occasion-appropriate styles and comfort so you can rock it all night long. With rompers, you never have to worry about stepping out of the car wrong or accidentally slipping a peak of your undergarments to other wedding guests. They are a great option if you plan to take full advantage of an open bar and celebrate hard with the newlyweds.

Solid Colors vs. Patterns 

leopard print dress

Tiered Ruffle Rust Leopard Dress ($44)

Some fashion experts suggest that choosing a solid color for your guest dress at a boho wedding is a smart option because it’s less attention-grabbing than patterns. After all, the main point of attention should be the bride, followed by the groom and the bridal party. Though every bride can feel differently about this stance, many modern brides are totally fine with bold patterns and outfits being worn on their special day. Take destination beach weddings for example. It’s acceptable for guys to wear Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and no shoes, and girls can wear cute patterned sundresses and  hats.

Since you personally know the bride, you can make this decision based on their preference. Colors you may want to avoid, however, are extremely bright and loud ones like neons and fire truck red. If you go with a pattern, consider choosing a  floral, paisley, or a more traditional style of pattern. These are classy options that often coordinate subdued, complementary colors.


pink mauve lace dress

Last Kiss Halter Mauve Lace Dress ($49)

Lace is a favorite way to add design intrigue to a trendy boho wedding guest dress. You will most often find these dresses in solid colors, and this keeps the lace fabric from being too overwhelming. You will need to take extra special care of lace dresses to keep them a lasting part of your wardrobe, but it’s as simple as running your washer on delicate mode with cold water and air drying.

Sleeve Style

black ruched tulip dress

Long-Sleeve Ruched Tulip Dress ($39)

These days, brides love wedding dresses that are strapless and backless. While it does look quite amazing and beautiful on some, it can be difficult and uncomfortable to pull off a braless look. As a guest at a boho wedding, you can choose your ensemble for all-day comfort so you can wear it during the ceremony, through to the reception, and even all throughout the after-party.

If you’re a bit lighter up top, it may be easy for you to skip the bra and rock a trendy spaghetti strap piece. But, for the more robust in the bosom, you may want a dress that features thick straps or short sleeves, so you can get the support you need with a bra. There’s nothing worse than being utterly uncomfortable for an event where you need to be at your best socially and physically for dancing the night away.


ivory tiered dress

Surplice Ivory Tiered Dotted Dress ($49)

When picking your favorite trendy boho wedding guest dress, don’t forget to think about the neckline and coordinating it with the jewelry you want to wear. You don’t want to have too deep of a V-neck, but a regular V-neck will likely allow you to wear most of the necklaces in your jewelry arsenal. Hey, even though you’re not a bridesmaid, it’s totally acceptable to wear a modest amount of jewelry!

Choose wisely, and you’ll have a boho wedding guest dress that will serve you for the newly wed’s celebration day, as well as other casual to special occasions. Pair your dress with some  flirty heels and a bit of jewelry to complete your elegant look. If you want to be comfortable, try your heels out ahead of time of just opt for some fancy, stylish sandals.

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