Cute, Casual Outfits to Transition You Into Spring

3rd Feb 2020

women outside in cute, casual spring outfits

When it’s near the end of winter, everyone’s had enough of cabin fever and is longing for those warmer days that awaken leaf buds on the trees, bring out the first flowers, and let you bask in the warm sunlight. While it’s tempting to run out into the first glimpse of warmth in a tank top and shorts to soak up the sun, you’re going to need some layering to protect you from chilly mornings and evenings. And nothing gets you more in the mood for this transition than cute, casual spring outfits to spice up your wardrobe!

Basic Tops

basic women’s black v-neck tee

Nadine V-Neck Tee - Black ($22)

Obviously, when you’re layering, you want to start with a light shirt that won’t make you sweat in the early afternoon hours when the sun is strongest and the temperature will be at its peak for the day. When winter’s almost done and spring’s just starting, the weather can still call for light-weight long sleeve and ¾ sleeve shirts.

Basic tees, long sleeve shirts, and boutique tops for women come in a variety of designs, like form-fitting cuts and low necklines, that add a touch of feminism. If you’re feeling like making a statement with your cute, casual spring outfit, go for a graphic tee with a fun, modern catchphrase or saying. After that, you can layer up your spring clothing with a trendy sweater or cardigan.


lightweight multi-color sweater

Multi-Stripe Ivory Lightweight Sweater ($48)

Who doesn’t love a chunky, soft sweater that wraps you in warm comfort? As warm weather moves in, you can put away the heavy-weight sweaters and opt for lighter  must-have sweaters that sport spring clothing color trends, like pale purples, blues, pinks, and yellows.

If you’re going with solid colors, consider different knits and stitch styles to add some extra design features. Stitches like cable, diamond, tree of life, honeycomb, or combinations of different stitches make for cute, casual spring outfits. And don’t forget about the neckline! V-neck  boutique sweaters let you draw attention with a nice pendant necklace.


waffle knit pocket cardigan in taupe

Waffle Knit Taupe Pocket Cardigan ($39)

Cardigans are a classic staple in spring clothing trends that are perfect for working at the office, having a casual lunch out with friends, and wrapping up in while chillaxin on the couch. While it could be warm when you’re running errands or taking your lunch break, you know the office heads and some restaurant owners love their AC cranked way up.

Boutique cardigans give you the security to know that you can be comfortable and look perfectly fashionable while doing so. If pale spring colors aren’t your thing, try rocking some popular earth tones because they’re not just for fall anymore! We love the versatility of cardigans in casual, cute spring outfits and the fact that they can feature buttons, pockets, or just be open in the front.


dusty sage leggings with cutout details

Cutout Detail Dusty Sage Leggings ($34)

Blue jeans have been popular for over a century now and will definitely continue to be the number one must-have. But,  leggings have quickly become a second runner-up when it comes to the bottoms-of-choice these days. And that may be due to the new trend of athleisure clothing that is perfect for spring.

Women want fashions that can take them straight from casual outings to a workout at the gym. Leggings hug your body in just the right way to help smooth out your shape and give you a slimmer appearance. You can even find versions that stretch up into your midsection and act like shapewear on your tummy. Leggings are essential for cute, casual spring outfits, and they look great with some stylish boots. 


teal a-line skirt

Annabelle Teal A-Line Skirt ($39)

So, you may not think of  skirts as a wardrobe choice in winter, but as spring clothing trends move back in, you can combine short to mid-length skirts with a pair of leggings or thick tights, and match them with some booties or cowgirl boots. You can go with any height of boots, too, from ankle height to thigh-high.

For longer skirts, opt for a flowy fabric that will move with you, and top the ensemble with a basic tee or tank. Add a cardigan for the cooler mornings and evenings for an outfit that will keep you comfortable and stylish all day long.


Backpack Purses 

brown vegan leather backpack

Distressed Studded Vegan Leather Backpack - Brown ($65)

Springtime is go time!  Backpack purses can be worn over one shoulder or strapped to your back for hands-free action. When the warm weather begins to show itself, people want to get outside and go for walks, find restaurants with outdoor porches, and explore local parks.

Backpack purses let you carry all of the essentials, give you some room for drinks and snacks, and don’t hinder your movements for outdoor activities. Plus, carrying around a regular purse while you’re out hiking or adventuring can make you look like a lost city slicker!


Quay black aviator sunglasses

Quay Still Standing Black Sunglasses ($50)

Sunglasses are year-round, must-have basic. While the sun may not be strong in winter, it can blind you when it reflects off the surface of the snow. Look for more transparent sunglass styles to complete your springtime outfits. They’ll give you just enough eye protection without darkening your vision too much. Aviators are a classic style that looks great on both men and women, and you can find them in lots of different colors and tints.

Get ready to watch the snow melt away, hear the birds singing, and smell the flowers! New, cute outfits will transition you into spring for some casual, leisurely activities. We’re just as excited as you are to add new styles and  trendy boutique clothing to our collection.

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