Magnolia’s Guide to Bohemian-Style Wedding Dresses

2nd Apr 2020

crochet bohemian-style wedding dress

Weddings are wonderful, happy, beautiful occasions. But some of the preparations for them can be incredibly stressful. We get it. How do you know what kind of dress to get? There are so many options out there! But your wedding is meant to be the happiest and best day of your life, you don’t want to spend it agonizing over a dress. You need something comfortable and unique, trendy and beautiful!

If you’re thinking maybe you’d like something a little bit different or nontraditional, you’re going to love our bohemian-style wedding dresses! These fun and elegant dresses from Magnolia Boutique have all of the zest and personality that you do! Say goodbye to boring, and say hello to fabulous!

Free-Spirited, Like You

We believe that your wedding dress should express who you are. Your dress should tell the story of your life - one of adventure and romance and trials and triumphs! The good news is that, when you shop our dress boutique, your dress will be unique and gorgeous. If you want an exciting day to remember forever, you need to check out the perfect bohemian-style wedding dresses to look the part!

woman on beach in white dress

Paradise Island White Scalloped Lace Maxi ($54) 

Classic White

You honestly can’t go wrong with a classic white dress. White is timeless. If you like the idea of this bright, pure color but you’re not a ballgown kind of girl, these white boho wedding dress designs just might be for you. Trendy white dresses come in a variety of styles, so you can find the perfect fit for your personality.

We love white dresses because you can always add to your ensemble with beautiful accessories to make it even more special. For example, wear yours with beaded barefoot sandals and bracelets to complete the laid-back look. Whether you’re planning on saying, “I do” on the beach or you prefer an enchanted forest setting, these stunning dresses will fit right in! 

woman in white maxi dress with bouquet

True Love Halter Lace Ivory Romper Maxi ($54)


From rompers to graphic tees, the fashion industry is embracing the past. Some of the best bohemian-style wedding dresses come in a vintage design that will have you feeling like a character from a romance novel.

A vintage wedding dress, complete with lace details and a rose pink or ivory color, is just perfect for a barn wedding or a more traditional church ceremony. Pair it with a sweet floral headband and you’ll shine with old Hollywood grace. And the best part? Vintage dresses never go out of style, so you can rock yours all over again. 

crochet high-low dress

Short Sleeve Crochet High Low Wrap Maxi ($49) 


We know the saying technically goes, “less is more,” but in the case of maxi dresses, more is more. We are obsessed with this look. Getting maxi dresses online is a brilliant way to snag your amazing bohemian-style wedding dress in a cost-effective manner. There are so many style choices with maxi dresses. You can truly customize your look with a great pair of heels and a long, layered necklace.

Maxi dresses are great choices for weddings, especially destination ceremonies, because they are so comfortable and practical for a high-stress, high-emotion day. With a maxi dress, you can feel confident and fabulous during the ceremony and still have an amazing time at the reception.

Boho Weddings Win

If you are packing boho boutique clothing for your honeymoon, honor your individuality during the big day with a white boho wedding dress. There are so many amazing possibilities, and we know your free spirit will shine bright in one of these bohemian-style wedding dresses from Magnolia Boutique.

If you want even more wedding inspiration, make sure to check out our wedding-approved collection for the best of the best in top trends. Shop today for free US shipping on all orders, and don’t forget to sign up for our emails to save 15% on your first order!