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Magnolia Blog

Holiday Party Style

Posted by Sarah Coffey on 13th Dec 2017

The holiday’s bring so much happiness to our lives. From family and friends, the comfort food, and of course the holiday PARTIES! For some reason, parties in December are always so much more fun. … read more

Top 10 Must Have Sweaters

Posted by Sarah Coffey on 12th Nov 2017

There is no better time of year than when it finally gets to sweater weather. The time where you can wear as many layers as you want without having to worry about un-wanted sweating and the time of … read more

Chilly Weather Trends

Posted by Sarah Coffey on 28th Oct 2017

Here at Magnolia we are prepping for the colder months ahead of us so you, too, can be ready! Make sure your closets are full of the coziest and trendiest items to wear all season long. … read more